What is Trigenics?

Trigenics® is a neurological muscle reprogramming system which resets the brain and the way it communicates with the body to instantly decrease pain and strengthen muscles and improve movement. This procedure involves applying 3 treatment techniques at the same time for a cumulative therapeutic effect, which is much greater than if you only receive one. Trigenics® combines resisted exercise neurology with muscle-sensor manipulation and biofeedback concentrative breathing to trick the brain into changing the way it signals the muscles and body.

In essence, Trigenics® procedures identify muscles that are too short and muscles that are weak. Unlike the traditional approach to strengthening weak muscles and stretching short muscle, concepts in the field of neurology are employed to stimulate various brain centers to instantly cause strength to return and muscles to relax and lengthen. Rather than these positive improvements being short-lived, they are analogous to receiving a software update and are permanent!