Trigenics really works for knee pain!

Recently, for the first time in my life, one of my knees was giving me a lot of trouble.  It was sore to the touch and disrupted my normal walking, causing me to limp.  My knee started making snapping noises whenever I pivoted on that leg.  Dr. Michael explained to me that my knee muscles were out of balance.  After he perfomred the Trigenics® technique, my knee pain was gone!  The noisy knee has been silenced, and my walking gait has returned to normal!  Now I'm back to doing my daily activites without knee pain!   Mark S. (Alpharetta)


I have arthritis in my knees and stiffness in my legs.  With Dr. Michael's treatment, I have been able to walk again without pain, get up much easier from a sitting position, use stairs, and do gardening and housework again!  I'm in my 80's and want to stay active for many more years.  I definitely recommend Dr. Michael's treatment for painful knees.  Thanks, Dr. Michael!  Jean B. (Cumming)


I had total knee replacement in July 2015.  However, I was still experiencing pain and stiffness.  Also, I started to feel really unstable, as if I would lose my balance and fall, especially if having to walk up and down steps.  The pain was starting to limit my activity.  I felt like I could not walk around stores like I wanted to.  After Dr. Michael's treatments, I am amazed that 95% of the stiffness in my knees has been eliminated!  I even noticed a difference after the first treatment.  I feel so much more stable and can walk around the stores without worrying about where to sit to rest.  In fact, I am ready to go back to ballroom dancing!  DeEtta D. (Johns Creek)


I have had chronis knee pain over the last 5-7 years.  I had to mount my horse from the right side for the last 5 years.  Today, after ONE treatment, I was able to kneel down and stand with NO PAIN in my knee!  Thanks, Dr. Michael!  AWESOME!  Tricia A (Jefferson)