Please read about the amazing results we get in our office. You could be next!


Before I began chiropractic care, I had tinnitis (ringing) in my right ear. It was so terrible that I can only describe it as the sound of the loudest crickets on a summer night. Understandably, this affected my daily life, including diminishing my hearing. I had been experiencing this ever since being in the artillery division during Vietnam. The many medical doctors and specialists I consulted told me there was nothing that could be done. After being deaf for thirty years, I was able to hear after my very first adjustment! It was a miracle!

Ron Moore (Suwanee)


Our oldest son was throwing up 1-2 times every day for a whole month. After just a few adjustments, he stopped throwing up and has been fine for the last 5 ½ years! Our other son was taking several medications and was hospitalized twice with asthma. Since we've been getting adjusted by Drs. Dawn and Michael, his frequency and severity of asthmatic attacks has decreased tremendously. Chiropractic has become a way of life for our family and because we are healthier, we do not need to use drugs, even Tylenol or aspirin. We are definitely a chiropractic family!

Charisse Excell ( Duluth)



It is hard to explain how much better I feel, both body and soul, since coming to Drs. Dawn and Michael! I say "MIRACULOUS" and "MAGICAL!!" I never thought chiropractic care could help me - I can walk without hurting, I can eat foods that I never ate before. I have Chron's Disease, immune problems, osteoporosis and arthritis. The third week after my adjustments, I couldn't believe how my hands, neck, knees, and whole body felt! Drs. Michael and Dawn said this is the way your body should feel naturally. What a wonderful feeling! . Thank you Drs. Dawn and Michael and thank you God!!

Barbara Bodle (Cumming)



My daughter, Madison, was born with severe gastroesophageal reflux. At four months of age, she only weighed a little over 10 pounds. We saw an immediate result after our first visit! To our amazement, Madison's reflux showed a dramatic improvement after just one adjustment. She began to hold more and more food down, and she started to put on weight. After one month, she weighed 16 pounds! Her crying lessened as her stomach pain got better. She was adjusted 3 times a week for almost a year. After 15 months, her reflux is gone! She doesn't take any of the medications. She is healthy and happy and of normal growth and development. Drs. Dawn & Michael have been incredibly patient and wonderful in our relationship with them. They have given us the moral support and information that we needed to become better parents in dealing with our child's illness and her overall health. We recommend Falite Family Chiropractic very highly!

Donna & Madison Maxwell (Norcross)



Our family had multiple health issues before coming to the Falite's. My oldest son was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, my middle son had asthma, and my daughter had constant ear infections and bronchitis. I was always at the doctor's office, never realizing how out of control we were. I was very skeptical, almost fearful about trying chiropractic. I was very "happy" in my mainstream life - blindly accepting that the medical doctors knew best. My friend finally convinced me to try chiropractic. Since getting under regular chiropractic care we have not needed any medication for any illness! I recommend chiropractic, and especially Falite Family Chiropractic not only because of the dramatic results my family experienced, but also because of all we have learned. When you take the time to realize that all healing comes from within, it becomes clear that maintaining the cycle of drug after drug leads to degeneration. Our family truly loves and appreciates the Falites.

The Jennings Family ( Duluth)


I just want to say thank you for all you've done for me. After being told I was infertile prior to coming to you, giving birth to Savannah has meant the world to me. Thank you for coming to the hospital when she was born and being there when I needed someone. Thanks so much for helping make this Christmas the best ever! Savannah is the greatest gift of all. I really believe angels watch over us and they have really helped us along in the past year! You guys are angels to us!

Cindy Adams (Dawsonville)



At 35 years of age I felt I was becoming an old man. My main problem was my neck. I was subluxated and didn't know it. I only knew I hurt. I tried many different treatments, but nothing was helping...I was hopeless. My wife finally convinced me to attend a health talk given by Dr. Michael. The information made sense. Now, in over two years, my "neck problem" has bothered me only one time! I look forward to my adjustments and am continually amazed by the response of my body. My wife, 5-yr old daughter, and newborn all receive adjustments, too. I have recommended Falite Family Chiropractic numerous times. Why? If you truly care about someone, would you let any friend not be happy or feel well? ? It made a positive impact on my life, my wife's, and daughter's, too. I want to share it!

Jeff Cornelison (Alpharetta)



Prior to coming to Falite Family Chiropractic, my awareness of chiropractic was very limited. I would take Sudafed for my allergies and Advil/Tylenol for headaches. Since I began care in June 1996, I never have headaches anymore and have only taken ONE Advil! My allergies are no longer a problem either! I am now much more aware of Chiropractic and what the Falite's are trying to do. Shortly after I started care, I brought my wife and son into the Falites. My son especially has found that chiropractic is an important part of his health and now drives himself to the office to be adjusted.

Clyde Fossum (Alpharetta)



My oldest daughter suffered chronic ear infections from birth. The doctors had her on three different antibiotics before she was one year old. As her mother, I was very uncomfortable with that. When she was 13 months old, I decided to call Drs. Dawn & Michael. When they explained chiropractic to me, it made a lot of sense. She has been healthy ever since and really likes getting adjusted now! Our whole family gets adjusted regularly. We get sick less and rarely use drugs. We would definitely recommend Drs. Dawn & Mike!

Jennifer Hutson (Cumming)



Before I got chiropractic care from Falite Family Chiropractic, I was getting bad headaches every day. I would take 2-4 Aleve each day to deal with the pain and even went to the doctor to get a stronger prescription for the headaches. I hated taking pills. A friend of mine recommended I try chiropractic, but I thought it was just for neck and back pain. My mother had recently started seeing the Falites and was doing great, so I thought I'd give it a try. I no longer have headaches every day. It's wonderful!! I haven't had a headache in months and I can't remember the last time I had to take a pill!! I would definitely recommend Falite Family Chiropractic!

Wendy Prewitt (Cumming)



I work in an extremely stressful environment which caused me to have headaces and muscle tension in my neck. I had body aches all over and generally felt bad all of the time. I took 1500-2000 mg of Tylenol several times a day to alleviate pain. I was slightly skeptical of chiropractic prior to coming to Falite Family Chiropractic, but it was my last resort. Chiropractic care has been one of the best decisions I have ever made concerning my health care. I have not taken any Tylenol since beginning my chiropractic care in March 2002. I no longer suffer from headaches and muscle tension. I have gone from feeling terrible, barely making it through the day, to feeling good and energetic within a few weeks! Drs. Michael and Dawn saved my life!

Claire Stockton (Norcross)



My husband and I knew that we needed to be adjusted before we came to Falite Family Chiropractic. He had been experiencing low back pain and didn't want to live on ibuprofen. I was starting to develop migraine headaches again. I would try to ward them off with ibuprofen and spending the day in bed with the lights out. It was hard because I have two teenage boys and a young daughter. Now, with weekly chiropractic care our whole family benefits. We've told several friends and relatives about what Falite Family Chiropractic has done for all of us. They all thank us for helping to change their lives!

Karen Blaser (Cumming)



Saying "thank you" seems small compared to how grateful I am that I found you. Day in and day out you put caring and treatment above anything else. Thank you for your expertise and kindness toward myself, my daughter, and my father. My heart sank when I saw Cristina's x-rays and her scoliosis. Even though she is only 14, you treated her with respect and explained everything to her in detail - educating us every step of the way. Even more importantly, she walks in with a smile & leaves laughing. What a bonus! You both have created a wonderful place!

Ana Drury (Alpharetta)



I had been experiencing mid and low back pain following a car accident. I went to an orthopedic doctor who told me there was nothing he could do to help me and that it would just take time for my muscles to heal. After only one adjustment, my back was greatly improved - it almost seemed like a miracle! Now, I am better than ever. My back pain is gone and the stiffness in my neck has disappeared. I also can HEAR better! I don't know exactly how it worked, but it did! I have since brought in my whole family. I am greatly impressed with the results I've gotten and will recommend the Falites to anybody!

Carol Standish (Alpharetta)



Before I began chiropractic care, I had daily migraines. As a special education teacher, these were greatly affecting my ability to teach and function normally. I was taking aspirin twice daily as well as allergy medication. My medical doctor just kept recommending stronger and stronger medication. When I came to you I was in such incredible pain, but Dr. Dawn really took the time to explain everything to me. After my first adjustment, I could tell a difference immediately. In the past 8 months I have had only 2 headaches (both were mild). I didn't even have to take any medication! Living without pain has made such a wonderful difference in my life. Thanks for being such wonderful chiropractors and wonderful friends! You are both fantastic people!

Patty Crawford ( Atlanta)



When I met the Falites, I was suffering with many symptoms. I thought I had ear infections, but I later realized it was TMJ related. The pain was present 24 hours a day and caused me to restrict my physical and social activities. I was taking Aleve and muscle relaxants and wearing an upper plate (mouth) splint. I was a total skeptic about chiropractic and how it could help me, but I was at the point that I would try anything. My health has improved incredibly since starting my care at Falite Family Chiropractic. I feel better and have more energy. I have resumed my normal activities, and I'm off all of the pills! I even sleep better! The difference that chiropractic has made in my life, and my husband's, has turned me into a believer!

Ellen Moore (Suwanee)



I used to suffer from really bad asthma. I couldn't run or exercise as much as I wanted to. I was constantly going to the hospital for asthma attacks. Also, I had always experienced extreme, debilitating menstrual pain during my cycle. I took all sorts of drugs for those symptoms and Tylenol and aspirin for my frequent headaches. Because my aunt and her family all get adjusted by the Falites, I was interested in getting under chiropractic care, too. Now, I am no longer dependant on my inhalers for my asthma or drugs for my cramps. In fact, I don't use medication anymore! Instead of the incredible pain I used to experience before and during my cycle, I am now able to function normally. I would recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to anyone. They are always ready to help you turn your " POWER ON!"

Michelle Tarr (Alpharetta)



My six-year old daughter has had numerous health problems since she was very young. These included, to name a few, constant stomach pains, heartburn, ear infections, angry outbursts (included biting, kicking, and hitting), lack of coordination, and severe environmental and food allergies. We've been through the medical gamut including occupational therapist, developmental pediatrician, gastroenterologist, psychologist, allergist, ENT, as well as drugs like antibiotics, antacids, steroids, decongestants, antihistamines, and tubes in both ears. None of this seemed to make much of a difference in her quality of life. Now, after three months of care at Falite Family Chiropractic, her health and behavior have dramatically improved. She now willingly participates in school, has no more temper tantrums, her coordination is much better, she tested at a second grade reading level, and she no longer reacts to her environment as severely. She is off ALL medication! Now I tell everyone about chiropractic, Dr. Dawn, and Dr. Michael!

Judy Cooney (Sugar Hill)




I was in an auto accident in December, 2003. I was really confused and really unsure about what to do….insurance companies? Attorneys? But I knew I didn’t feel well and needed to so SOMETHING. Boy, am I glad I met Dr. Michael!


When I first visited Dr. Michael, I was suffering from constant excruciating headaches, extreme neck and upper back pain, alarming disorientation and fatigue. I had no idea that the trauma to my spine from the accident would cause so much pain and suffering. My daily life was significantly impacted. It was difficult for me to concentrate on my job and I was unable to move and exercise like I normally did. Not only was I in pain, but I just couldn’t live out my life normally and I was getting distraught!


Overall, my health has improved greatly since I started getting adjustments from Dr. Michael. I am no longer in pain. I feel so much better after each adjustment. Not only that, I have more energy, I feel more awake and more physically balanced! I’m so glad I came in to see Dr. Michael because I was so close to doing nothing. If I had done nothing, I would be totally miserable and still in pain.


Julia Johnson (Alpharetta)



After I was in an automobile accident, I was in constant agonizing pain. I had severe burning neck pain from the base of my skull which radiated like fire down my neck to the tops of my shoulders. Then my upper back constantly felt like it had sharp knives stabbing into it. I was so sore I couldn’t sleep, climb stairs to get to my office or reach forward in any capacity. Worst of all, I couldn’t pick up my baby daughter and play with her! I’ve never felt such pain or been unable to function in my everyday life before. I knew I needed help.


Fortunately for me, Dr. Michael resolved my issues. Chiropractic worked! It was easy and efficient and I didn’t need to do anything else! Not only has my everyday life resumed to normal, but I’m not as tired as I was before the car accident. Since Dr. Michael’s started adjusting me, I have a lot more energy! It’s amazing! I would definitely recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to others. I had a great experience! Dr. Michael’s adjustments were awesome! I feel great and am so thankful to be back to normal. I’m especially glad to pick-up and hold my daughter pain free again!


Shon Griffin (Lawrenceville)



Before receiving care at Falite Family Chiropractic, I had constant pain in my middle back, my neck, and my lower back. I would describe it as a constant aching or stiffness. I also had regular weekly headaches. Because I work with computers, I sit most of the day. The constant aching and headaches made it difficult to concentrate on my work. I found it uncomfortable to just sit or even to lie down. I was taking aspirin for my headaches and Doan’s for my back pain. The aspirin helped the headaches, but nothing seemed to relieve the aching in my back.


I had been adjusted a few times before coming to Falite Family Chiropractic and had experienced a brief relief from my symptoms. However, I never had anyone explain the other benefits of being adjusted as the Falites did. I also never realized the benefits of receiving chiropractic care on an ongoing basis, rather than just a quick fix.


My health has improved in several ways since I started getting adjusted by the Falites. My backache is gone, so I can now concentrate at work. I don’t get the headaches like I did before. I also don’t get the seasonal colds that I used to get anytime the season changed. At one point, I started to feel the beginnings of a cold, but with rest, Vitamin C, and regular chiropractic adjustments, the cold went away before it even started!


I would highly recommend that others go to Falite Family Chiropractic. Try it to believe it!


Sarah Norton (Norcross)



Prior to becoming a patient at Falite Family Chiropractic, I had a number of health complaints. The most severe were daily headaches and neck pain. I also alternated between chronic constipation and diarrhea. I took aspirin daily for the head and neck pain, and all kinds of over-the-counter medications to control the diarrhea.


I have long had positive feelings about chiropractic, but had not found a chiropractor that I felt comfortable with after having moved from Seattle. When I met Dr. Dawn at the Women’s Expo, I decided to come into the office. Since starting care, my headaches and neck pain have dramatically reduced. I have no need for over-the-counter medications to regulate my system. My overall health has improved and my energy level has increased greatly. Not being in daily pain (no matter the severity), has lifted my spirit more than I thought possible. Now I bound out of bed each morning with a positive outlook, ready to tackle whatever the day brings.


Without hesitation, I recommend Falite Family Chiropractic! Both Dr. Michael and Dr. Dawn are skilled healers whose philosophy, talent, and training combine to give their patients the very best care!


Patrice Weaver ( Roswell)



I work in a fast-paced sales position so pain and headaches are not welcome challenges. Shortly before coming to Falite Family Chiropractic, I experienced severe neck pain which radiated up the back of my neck to my skull, ultimately causing a 4-day migraine headache! In addition, I had long suffered from constant ringing in my left ear. I always felt irritable and tired. Over the years, I tried different medications for relief, but they didn’t help.


Since I started chiropractic care at Falite Family Chiropractic, my health has improved tremendously! The ringing in my ear is gone! After my first adjustment from Dr. Michael, I felt I like someone turned on a switch, and now I have a lot of energy and am ready to go all the time!


Would I recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to others? Without a doubt! Both doctors are very nice and their spiritual philosophy appeals to me. The Falites really care about patients and are helping me improve my health!


Amy Harrington (Alpharetta)



I was experiencing terrible pain in my mid back, right chest, right shoulder, and neck. The pain was so severe that I had to cut my vacation in Maryland short and drive back to Atlanta. My medical doctor recommended and prescribed drugs. I felt uncomfortable with this course of action because I am a cancer survivor, and I believe much of cancer today is caused by foreign chemicals in our system, such as preservatives in our foods and medications.


I decided to visit Falite Family Chiropractic. Within one week, I had “drug-free” pain relief! It was amazing how regular adjustments could eliminate pain and return me to good health. I do not have to live with the worry that medications I must take could be having serious side effects, because I take no medications. Thanks, Dr. Falite!


Susan Serio (Lilburn)



When I was first referred to Falite Family Chiropractic, I was experiencing severe numbness in my right arm, a “pinching” sensation in my elbow, as well as recurring back and neck pain. Nervous of chiropractors, I put off going as long as possible. The pain was getting worse and making my working life increasingly difficult to cope with.


Although I felt uneasy being adjusted at first, I now enjoy each session because it makes me feel so much better each time. So, without hesitation, I would recommend chiropractic treatment…but especially Falite Chiropractic because they are best!


Yvonne Long (Alpharetta)



I had lower back pain before coming to Falite Family Chiropractic. Whenever we traveled long distances, I had to get our and walk often so I could alleviate the pain. I had to be extremely careful whenever lifting anything because I was so scared that I would hurt my back more than I already had.


My husband met the Falites, started going to them, and was happy with his results. Because the Falites had family plans, I decided to give them a try, too. I now have much less pain in my back – in fact, I really have no pain at all. I also reaped the benefit of being able to turn my neck when backing out of the driveway, etc. I never knew how inflexible I was in the area until Drs. Michael and Dawn worked with me. Chiropractic, along with my yoga practice, has given me a much better quality of life.


I would highly recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to others because both Michael and Dawn are extremely competent, caring, and excellent with their patients.


Jeanne Grover ( Duluth)



For many years I suffered from severe migraine headaches. I had gone to other chiropractors for years to keep them under control. While getting regular care for the headaches, I noticed that Chiropractic helped me in many areas. I stay well, feel better, and feel I function better in general with regular visits. When I moved to the area, I knew I needed to have an office that was nearer to where I lived. Chiropractic care is what “keeps me going!” I feel better, have more energy, and stay well. This is what I have done for years to stay out of the medical doctor’s office. I basically never have to see a medical doctor!


Would I recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to others? Absolutely! It is a very friendly office…it’s like a family atmosphere. I also enjoy being able to get in and out quickly for adjustments.


Edie Betsill (Cumming)



When I first moved to the area my mid-back tightened up and the pain and tightness started to affect my daily life. I was very distracted and then experienced extreme tension, which caused anxiety, which made the back pain and tightness worse. I found it debilitating! I became less interactive during work and recreation and started avoiding activities, fearing the pain would get worse.


A friend referred me to Falite Family Chiropractic and I feel a HUGE difference! I feel more balanced! I have greater focus in all aspects of my life! The Falites’ practice and staff are excellent! I continue to travel from my home in Roswell because the care and adjustments I receive are so awesome!


I love Dr. Michael’s adjustments and especially his muscle testing. How amazing that back tenderness is gone after an adjustment and my entire body is stronger! I tell EVERYBODY about my care at Falite Family Chiropractic and encourage them to come on in. It makes my entire life more balanced and wonderful!


Glenn Cannon ( Roswell)



I had such severe shoulder and arm pain that I was unable to grip with either hand. I own my own handy-man business and my regular job is physical as well. So I’m required to use my hands, and my inability to grip significantly influenced my work. I suffered from pain in both legs, low back pain, and my right elbow hurt constantly for 6 months. The pain became so intolerable that I was losing sleep and I was irritable all the time. I knew I had to do something.


I have three daughters and participate in their active lives so, in order to continue with my family life and work, I consumed bottles of Advil. But still, my lifestyle was greatly impacted. I had to quit playing tennis, I had no desire to play any of the sports I loved, and frankly, I just wasn’t as efficient at any of my work because of the physical requirements and the limitations my pain cause. I tried everything: exercise, stretching, drugs – but nothing worked.


Since Dr, Michael started adjusting me, I feel SO much better! Although pain can still flare up, no symptoms are constant. Not only is my pain almost totally gone, but I used to catch bronchitis and frequent colds and, since I’ve been getting adjusted, those have been virtually non-existent.


Jerry Bush (Alpharetta)



I had begun experiencing intense lower back pain. After consulting my medical doctor, he referred me to a physical therapist to loosen my hamstrings. They both felt this would help the pain in my lower back and legs. After three months of therapy, I experienced some relief, but within a few months, the pain in my legs and lower back was becoming more severe. In fact, it was so severe that at times I dreaded the thought of having to get up and walk. I was taking pain medication every day for the back pain.


I had been interested in chiropractic care, but I never took the time to investigate whether or not it could make a difference for me. After six months of visiting Falite Family Chiropractic, I started feeling major improvements. My mobility in my legs and lower back improved after the first few adjustments. At this point, my improvement has progressed tremendously, and I don’t dread walking anymore. I no longer take pain medication either. I have resumed sports activities that I wouldn’t have even attempted a couple of years ago.


I would highly recommend Falite Family Chiropractic, not only for what they can do for your physical problem, but also because Dr. Dawn and Dr. Michael have a great outlook on life that they share with others!


John Norris (Alpharetta)



I saw Dr. Dawn setting up for a screening at the mall one day and approached her about what she was doing. She told me that she was checking people for spinal health and offered to check me. She pointed out some subluxations and asked if I had any health concerns. At that time I did---some issues that were affecting my daily life activities.


She offered me a first visit special and I was very hesitant about taking advantage of it. Why? Because I had been approached many times by chiropractors with booths set up at various events. Although I was open to chiropractic as a legitimate practice for health and wellness, I was still apprehensive.


Well, I made that appointment and started getting adjusted and my body started functioning better. I’m glad I gave the Falites a try. Since then, I’ve referred many people to the Falites for the positive aspects and benefits of chiropractic.


David Warvel ( Duluth)



I knew I needed chiropractic care. I had chiropractic care all my life and when I was only a child I was in a car accident and required chiropractic care. My grandmother and my mother had even worked for chiropractors. So I was not skeptical at all about visiting Falite Family Chiropractic when I was referred here by a friend.


Before I started getting adjusted by Dr. Michael, my symptoms were varied. I was in constant pain. My low back was always hurting, I had constant neck pain—I was just not feeling good at all. I couldn’t sleep, and that was most frustrating. I was tired all the time. To add to that, I work with animals, my job is physical and I was constantly being pulled and yanked by the animals I worked with which aggravated my pain. Talk about yanking my chain!


Life has changed dramatically for me since that first visit. I am sleeping much better. I love to stretch and move my body—the same body that I could hardly move before starting care. I look forward to getting adjusted. I’m comfortable with the staff at Falite Family Chiropractic. I really like the fact that I come in, get an adjustment and that’s it. I’m in and out! What easy care! If you have health problems, go to the Falites!


Karyn Bosko (Cumming)



My friend referred me to Falite Chiropractic and my immediate question was, “Are they any good?” Of course, he told me they were good, but I was skeptical. I thought chiropractors were quacks. Well, I had no idea how “good” the Falites and chiropractic were going to be for me.


Before I started getting adjusted, I experienced constant neck pain, headaches, and low back pain. I always felt run-down. Because of these symptoms I was short tempered and angry, less lucid and thus more apt to miss something while on the job. These were definitely not good symptoms for a police officer to be experiencing on a constant level.


By the time I scheduled my first visit with Falite Chiropractic, I was at a point with my pain and suffering, that I as willing to try anything. Medical doctors gave me prescriptions for medications to relieve the pain, but in my job I can’t risk taking medications and having my life, or lives of others, “on the line.” So I chose to suffer with pain and hoped that by some chance the pain would go away. Occasionally, I would take over-the-counter medication to reduce the pain somewhat.


Since I started getting adjusted I do not have constant pain. Although my job can wear on my body, the pain is not constant or unbearable. Headaches are less frequent and this amazes me because, after I survived an auto accident a few years ago, a neurosurgeon told me that my headaches would NEVER go away. Well, they do go away now! Furthermore, since I’m not in constant pain, I’m not as irritable, I’m clear and focused, and my health and life feel overall so much better.


I recently experienced a miracle. When I was 12, I suffered nerve damage to my left ring finger. After an adjustment on August 13, 2004, I could feel, for the first time since I was 12, my left ring finger. I could feel my wedding ring for the first time since it was placed on my finger in 1991!


I don’t want to imagine what could have happened if I had not started chiropractic care with the Falites. Possibly, I would have eventually succumbed to using the doctor-prescribed medication and quit the career I love because I know I can’t handle the responsibility of risking my life or other lives while doped up on medication.


I would definitely recommend Falite Family Chiropractic. Everybody’s great—really nice—much less stodgy than most doctors’ offices. When I come here I feel like I’m visiting family (except I get a great adjustment during my visit!).


Paul Phillips (Sugar Hill)



As a young girl, I had severe allergies that significantly affected my everyday life every autumn. Over-the-counter medications made me drowsy, agitated, depressed, weepy and ultimately caused stomach acid problems by the end of “hay fever” season. As a young adult, I was treated by an allergist who administered shots, which always produced flu-like symptoms. Medication prescribed by the allergist caused me to be hyper and hypersensitive. The medication allowed me to breath through my nose but left my mouth and nose dry and tender. Hay fever season always led to sinus infections by the holiday season. Normally, I was so used to having cold-like symptoms that I wouldn’t address the sinus infections until my body was achy and feverish. When those symptoms occurred, I sought antibiotics. The sinus infections always returned by the end of March although the specific allergy or cause for the early spring infections was not defined.


Our son, Cassidy, had chronic ear-infection from five months of age. Cassidy would develop dark circles under his eyes and bad breath. In addition, his temper tantrums would become quick and severe. By the time he was 4, he had his first case of pneumonia. When Cassidy developed an upper respiratory infection, he was prescribed an inhaler. I refused to fill the inhaler prescription. My husband, Bob, decided to seek direction from an ear, nose, and throat specialist. After Bob and Cassidy’s afternoon visit with the unprofessional and uncompassionate specialist, they returned home to find a Falite coupon in our mailbox. The Falites made time to check Cassidy THAT SAME DAY!


Since beginning regular chiropractic care, I no longer suffer long-term from allergies and I have not had a single sinus infection. I am one of only two people in my office this year that have not had the flu. Cassidy does not get ear infections any more. Currently, Cassidy and I are not using any medical methods. Both our boys have excellent health and do not get sick as much as their friends and classmates do. Overall, our family’s health has improved beyond description.


I would, and do, strongly recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to others. Chiropractic works! I am walking proof. I suffered from severe allergies including allergies from dos and cats. My family now includes a dog and a cat, both of which I love so much I cannot imagine life without them. I continue to sing the Falite’s praises at work and am not shy to acknowledge that they are responsible for my excellent health.


Ann, Bob, Cassidy, and Hayden Wall (Alpharetta)



One day my dog took me for a walk and I started experiencing chronic neck pain. Every day my neck was dull and achy. My neck became so stiff and painful that I was unable to turn my head. Since I couldn’t turn my head I didn’t feel safe driving---especially the way traffic tends to be around here--- so I stopped driving for 6 months! My whole lifestyle was disrupted. I felt like I’d lost all my freedom and independence.


Our neighbors recommended that I go to see Drs. Michael and Dawn Falite. Shortly thereafter, I ran across a first visit special advertised in our local paper and decided to take advantage of the deal. By then, I knew I had to do something. I had already visited my medical doctor and all he could recommend was for me to use muscle relaxers. I didn’t want to use muscle relaxers so I just continued to suffer…


…Until I came to Falite Family Chiropractic! Very soon after Dr. Michael started adjusting me I was able to drive again! Also, my family started getting adjusted and their lives are healthier and more vital thanks to chiropractic. They started getting adjusted because it just made sense to us---keeping our central nerve systems free of subluxation so our bodies function at their utmost potential! I would definitely recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to others. The Falite’s adjustments gave me back my life!


Cheryl Carter ( Duluth)



Before I began getting adjusted by the Falites I had problems with weakness in my lower back, neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. I experienced chronic coughing and congestion as well. My right knee was arthritic and frequently caused me pain. I had low self-confidence and a weight problem.


I was taking Ibuprofen for my headaches and arthritis, but it didn’t seem to do much besides covering up the pain. I also took allergy medication, which only had a drying effect on my breathing. I would use food to make myself feel better, which only worked short-term.


After starting my adjustments, I’m feeling much healthier and stronger. This has really improved my self-confidence. I am eating less and my weight is showing a gradual decrease. When asked about chiropractic now, my answer is “Yes! Yes! And Yes!” The way I feel after just one month is amazing! I can’t believe I have progressed this quickly. Thanks, Dr. Dawn and Dr. Michael!


Hollie Knight (Alpharetta)



Before I started getting chiropractic adjustments, I had constant back, neck, foot and knee pain and I had some numbing on the top of my right knee. In addition, I suffered from persistent sinus problems and head colds. I had headaches, low stamina and slight hypertension. Basically, I didn’t have any energy and felt my body was falling apart. I was taking Allergra and Zestril on a regular basis and periodically took antibiotics for sinus infections.


My wife had severe ongoing pain and numbness in her right shoulder that radiated down through her right hand. That really concerned me. She, however, did not use drugs to treat any of her symptoms.


Before I started getting adjusted, I really hadn’t considered chiropractic. For example, when I was I high school, I hurt my neck and neither my parents nor I considered chiropractic to resolve the issue. When I met Dr. Dawn, she shared with us the total health benefits a person can get receiving chiropractic adjustments. Thank you Dr. Dawn! What a difference chiropractic is making in our lives.


Since I started getting adjusted, ALL pains and numbness are gone!!! My sinus problems and head colds are gone. My stamina level has majorly increased and my ability to lose weight has increased. And perhaps the biggest benefit in my life is that my wife is TOTALLY pain free!!! What a gift to me that my wife is no longer suffering in pain. We totally appreciate everyone at Falite Family Chiropractic and continue to recommend you to others.


The Simmons Family (Cumming)



Before I began chiropractic care, I used to get migraines, backaches, all kinds of colds, and low energy. As the mother of two small children, this greatly affected my daily life. I would take all sorts of pain killers, including Tylenol, Excedrin, and prescription medication, but they weren’t helping. I was desperate and needed help!


After receiving care at Falite Family Chiropractic, my health has improved a great deal. I’ve had no migraines in six months, and my daily life is much better. I now have the energy to keep up with the kids. Also, my children used to get sick a lot. I would take them to the pediatrician for antibiotics every other month. Now that they get adjusted, they don’t have to go to the pediatrician for colds anymore.


I’m very happy that my entire family gets adjusted by Dr. Dawn and Dr. Michael, and I would recommend them to anybody who wants to have a healthy, energetic and vital life! Our power has been “turned on”!


Mayuri Mulji & family ( Duluth)



Before I started getting adjusted by Dr. Michael, I had numerous health issues. For example, I suffered from frequent headaches. Two to three times a week, my headaches would become so severe that by evenings I couldn’t make dinner, help with household chores or even play with my kids. Furthermore, I experienced chronic pelvic pain on my left side. I would feel constant shifting in that area which caused extreme pain. Since 1993, I’ve suffered from TMJ. Sometimes the TMJ would be so painful I couldn’t even eat a simple sandwich. In addition, I suffered from PMS and sinus problems on a regular basis.


Before chiropractic, I tried various treatments for my health issues from Tylenol to prescribed medications. Nothing helped. Sometimes I would get short-term relief but nothing lasted until I started chiropractic adjustments. Now I don’t even remember the last time I took Tylenol.


Since Dr. Michael started adjusting me, I’ve felt amazingly better. After 10 years of severe TMJ, I can finally function like a normal person. My PMS diminished shortly after I started getting adjusted and any sinus problems are very rare. My headaches are few and far between and regular adjustments are keeping my pelvic area from shifting. My whole life feels so much better and is overall more pleasurable. I’m not in constant pain from one thing or another. I have more energy to put toward my family---and that’s a really big deal because my husband travels a lot.


I would and do recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to others because it’s helped me and my family so much!


Beth Usher (Cumming)



I was prone to severe migraine headaches that occurred frequently. I was tense and I had a knot in the middle of my shoulder blades that was there constantly. Occasionally during the year my back would go out and I would be unable to sit, stand or lay down. For the migraines I took Imitrex. Sometimes it worked. Many times the headaches would last for days. Before coming to Falite Family Chiropractic, I was not really sure of what chiropractic entailed. I didn’t understand how it would help all parts of the body.


I have only had ONE migraine since starting chiropractic care! My headaches have stopped and my constant back pain has disappeared. Furthermore, I am not as tense. I am taking less medicine and will continue to take less. I shall, and have in the past, recommend Falite Family Chiropractic because I now know that with regular visits I feel better and have more energy. My posture has improved and my headaches are gone!


Nancy Freundlich (Alpharetta)



Before receiving chiropractic care, I had headaches, sharp upper back pain, TMJ pain, and constant sinus problems. The upper back pain had been a problem for years. I had tried another chiropractor but the results didn’t seem to last very long. I am in a customer-oriented job and also have horses (which requires heavy lifting), so my symptoms affected my daily life greatly.


I was using Tylenol, Tylenol Sinus, and/or Advil at least once a day. I had CAT scans, an MRI, and cortisone shots—all trying to help my upper back pain. Most of the medical doctors said there was nothing wrong with my back, but the Falites have proven them wrong!


I had always thought that chiropractic was only for back problems, but I was mistaken. Now that I get adjusted on a regular basis, I feel better. I have more energy, my headaches and sinuses don’t bother me anymore, and I can ride my horses without back pain! Even my TMJ is better! Instead of taking drugs every day to relieve my symptoms, I rarely use anything. I would definitely recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to others. They have helped me a great deal and have a positive and friendly attitude!


Deb Turpin (Alpharetta)



I’m a florist in a stressful environment. Four years ago, I was in a car accident and experienced severe neck pain which escalated and became very serious. Just before I started getting adjusted at Falite Family Chiropractic, I was immobile—I couldn’t turn my neck side to side or look up and down. In addition, I had shooting burning pains running up my neck and shoulders. I love my work, but this lack of mobility and extreme pain put significant limitations on my job. I tried physical therapy, but it didn’t work.


My husband, Fred, had encouraged me to seek chiropractic care for years, but I didn’t want to try it. After we met the Falites, Fred finally made me go to their office and give chiropractic a try. I thought I was a lost cause. I thought I’d just have to learn to live with my pain for the rest of my life. But I was wrong! I thank Fred for making me start chiropractic care at Falite Family Chiropractic!


My health has improved tremendously! I’m a new person! My neck is so much better and continues to improve. Overall, I’m functioning better and have fewer limitations at my job. When I was in pain, I was constantly feeling depressed. But no more depression! Life is good! I would definitely recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to others because Drs. Dawn and Michael Falite have helped me improve my health. If they can help me, they can help everybody!


Victoria Glance (Alpharetta)



I Feel More Energized and Happy!!!

I was living with daily constant nagging pain before coming to Falite Family Chiropractic.  I had chronic upper back soreness and tightness from a cervical discectomy done in 1998.  I was also experiencing soreness in my lower back and leg numbness from driving almost 1000 miles/week for my job as a pharmaceutical rep.  I was feeling rough!    

I tried physical therapy over the years and had deep tissue massages periodically, but it didn’t take care of the problem.  I also practiced yoga about twice a week which helped.  I was not really a “fan” of chiropractic because my past experiences had not been so great.  I had never seen any benefits.

A friend recommended I try the Falites.  All I can say is, WOW!  I don’t have to live with chronic nagging daily back pain!  The numbness in my legs is gone!  I have better posture and a greater awareness of my body.  With all the positive improvements, I feel more energized and happy!

I would absolutely recommend Falite Family Chiropractic!  The personal care and interactions are wonderful.  Dr Dawn is a sweetheart and truly cares about her patients.  She discusses your situation and works with you to improve your health.  I now come in for regular adjustments about twice a week.  That combined with my yoga seems to keep me healthy!

                                                                                                                       Dawn Bellamy 


Surgery Didn’t Work, Pills Didn’t Work…Falite Chiropractic Did!

I had a lower back operation three years ago to remove some arthritis around two vertebrae that had left me with a herniated disc. The operation did not relieve any of my pain. In fact, I was taking three pain pills a day just to keep my pain under control.

I was considering more surgery, but ended up going to a pain management doctor. He gave me several injections in my back, which should have relieved the pain. Unfortunately, the injections did not help.

Despite living over an hour away, I decided to try Falite Chiropractic. Drs. Michael and Dawn suggested that I receive treatments on the DRX 9000 machine to help relieve my pain. To date, I have had 20 treatments and the results are very good! After about 10 treatments, the pain in my back was much less, and I reduced my pain pills to once a day. After 20 treatments, I no longer need my pills...only once in a while. I do believe that the DRX 9000 and Drs. Michael & Dawn Falite have helped me enjoy life more fully! Thanks!


Robert Rider

Physical Therapy Didn’t Help, But Adjustments Did...

As a result of an accident in my home, I had a herniated disc and a bulging disk in my lower back. For several weeks I was in extreme pain. After the more severe pain of the initial injury wore off, I still had lower back pain and a severe case of sciatica on my left side. Though I could now get around and care for myself, I still suffered from debilitating pain. There was no comfortable position and I was having problems sleeping. I couldn’t work or do any normal activities.

My main treatment was physical therapy, but it did nothing to help. I was taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs for the constant pain. I stopped going to PT after two months because it wasn’t helping.

My back has improved dramatically since I began care at Dr. Falite’s. I felt a difference within two weeks of starting adjustments, where I felt no difference in two months of physical therapy. I went three times a week for approximately four months and I feel about as close to normal as I think I can get. I have all my motions back and don’t feel any back pain. The only pain I have now is an occasional tightness or dull sciatica.

I would recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to anyone that has body pain, not just back pain. Dr. Michael and Dr. Dawn have helped me balance all aspects of my body. In addition to the excellent care, they are so nice and genuinely care about me and my family. I consider them friends as much as I consider them doctors.

Chadd Rogers

And The MD Said I Needed Surgery!

My problem started with a slight back pain from mid November 2001. At first I thought that I was probably not sleeping right, so I tried paying more attention to my posture. I’m a workaholic and my husband said that I needed to get some rest and see a doctor as my pain got worse from my lower back to my left hip. Later it got worse with my whole left leg in acute pain. I would be just fine while sitting, but as soon as I stood up, my pain would start within two minutes time and it was unbearable. I would start feeling feverish and would feel as if a lot of pressure was put on my body. I would get irritated at little things and would loose my temper frequently and easily and did not want anyone around me.

After a month in pain, I went and saw my family doctor. He asked me to go to a body therapist for two weeks and gave me pain killers. After visiting the body therapist for two weeks, my pain got even worse. I went and saw my family doctor again and told him that I was in pain even more. He then asked me to go to an orthopedic surgeon and said that the surgeon would take care of my problem from then on. I visited the orthopedic surgeon and they took my X-rays, told me to get an MRI done, and then come again. On seeing the MRI, the surgeon told me that my disc was degenerated and only surgery could solve my problem. But, even after the surgery, there would be a 30% chance of the disc getting dislocated.

When I was asked to get the back surgery done, I was really scared and afraid. Some of my friends told me to go ahead with the surgery and said that would be best. Some told me to visit a different orthopedic surgeon and get a second opinion. But my husband told me to try non-invasive care first and see how it works. I was doubtful and not very sure, but I still went to Dr. Falite to see if he could be of any help.

IT WAS A MIRACLE!!! After three months in acute pain and visiting body therapists, seeing the orthopedic surgeon, and taking pain killers every day, I was finally under care with Dr. Falite. THIS TREATMENT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I don’t take anymore painkillers. I still work hard and I’m on my feet the whole day, but the pain has gone!!! I feel fresh and stress-free. I’m more friendly and have started seeing things positively. I don’t get irritated anymore and my temperament has improved. Sometimes if I have a really long day, I get a very, very slight pain, but I feel good as soon as I take it easy. Just two months under care , I feel about 80% better. Thank God I committed to Dr. Falite’s Program and did not go in for surgery.

I have already recommended anyone who is in pain and considering surgery to got to Dr. Falite...everyone there is wonderful. They are very, very friendly and give you 100% of their attention. They let you know your problem and at the same time assure you not to lose hope and to see things positively. They have that confidence in them and they definitely know what they are doing. They are always willing to answer any questions you have. They never rush and give you all the time needed. Thanks for being more than wonderful to me!

Gayatri Rathore

Doctors Just Wanted To Drug Me…
Other Chiropractors Failed To Help Me…
Massage Therapy Didn’t Work…
Dr. Falite Helped Me Feel Like A New Man!

Wow, where do I begin. Back in November of 2005, I suffered a severe back injury while attempting to help a fellow worker. I immediately knew that something was wrong, because I felt and heard a pop in my back when I did it. From that day on, I was so sore and stiff on the right side of my lower back and buttocks.

I tried a different chiropractor for about 4 months, with no signs of relief. Actually it caused the pain to increase. They attempted massage therapy, spinal adjustments, and various other treatments that failed.

I then tried a conventional doctor. To no surprise, the doctor simply wanted to permanently medicate me. At this point, I was frustrated and angry. The pain had become so intense and severe that after getting off work everyday, it would take all I had just to drive home, take a shower, and get in the bed.

I first heard about Dr. Falite through radio advertisements. I was kind of skeptical at first, like most people, but I decided to give it a try. I contacted Dr. Falite in November 2007. He scheduled me an initial appointment for diagnosis to see if I would qualify for their chiropractic program. 

I suggest treatments to anyone that has been suffering from chronic lower back pains and strains. I’ll tell you from 10 short weeks of treatments I feel like a new man! The chronic pain is gone, my back no longer nags me, and I feel just feel 180 degrees better!!

The treatments are painless and relatively quick. I find myself doing those things that I love to do again, like jogging, lifting weights, etc. This is one of the best investments that I’ve ever made!

Adrian Cook

I Had Visions of Being in a Wheelchair

When I first visited Dr. Falite, I had already been out of work for four weeks with severe back pain. When my orthopedist could not help me I went to The Emory Spine Center where they tried several kinds of treatments, including an epidural injection of steroids, and in the end they could not find what was wrong. I still had sharp, severe pains in the lower back shooting down both legs. The day of my first visit with Dr. Falite, the doctor at The Emory Spine Center sent me home to “rest and recuperate.” He acknowledged that I was in severe pain, but refused to continue my pain medication (“because I don’t want you to become addicted”). I could not stand up or walk without holding onto something. I had visions of being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I left the spine center and went directly to Dr. Falite’s... I literally crawled from my truck into his office.

Dr. Mike began to work his “magic” and within two weeks I was back to work full-time. Dr. Mike has helped me when no one else could. He has helped me get back on my feet and I am again able to lead a normal life.

Both my wife and I are now on a treatment schedule which is helping us back to good health. We both feel better than we have in a very long time. I highly recommend both Dr. Mike and Dr. Dawn to anyone who needs relief from pain and/or is looking for a natural way to good health!

Richard Despres


Torn Rotator Cuff Pain GONE!!!

I began my treatment with Dr. Mike six months ago and was hoping to get relief from my back pain, neck pain and sciatica.  I didn't expect any improvement in my torn rotator cuff - hey, it is a TORN rotator cuff, right?  I am happy to report that today my back pain is gone, my neck and shoulders are close to normal again, my sciatica has improved 10-fold, and the big shocker is that my arm with the torn rotator cuff is completely pain FREE!  That is the biggest surprise and the best reward I have received.  I could not be happier with my results!  Dr. Mike has done an exceptional job helping my body to get aligned and balanced.  I still can't believe my arm is pain-free!  I am sleeping like a baby now, feel rested when I get up every morning, and can go about my daily life with much less effort than before.  I highly recommend Falite Chiropractic to anyone who is in pain, has difficulty performing everyday tasks, or for those who just don't feel as god as they used to.

     Marcey Allen