Chiropractic Kids

At Falite Family Chiropractic, we understand what's truly important to you. Nothing is as precious as your children. That is why we feel honored that so many families entrust their childrens' health to us.

After learning more about chiropractic and how it releases the POWER in the body, parents want their kids to get checked right away. Birth is the most traumatic experience most of us will ever go through. Having a newborn checked for subluxation (spinal misalignments that cause nerve interference) soon after birth is the best thing you can do to get your child off to a healthy start. In fact, Dr. Dawn often attends births to help the mom in labor and then check the baby when it's born. Whether the baby is born vaginally or C-section, naturally or with drugs, making chiropractic part of the post-partum care is essential.

You can feel comfortable bringing your kids to Falite Family Chiropractic. In addition to being parents themselves, Drs. Michael and Dawn have designed their practice to be "kid-friendly." In fact, 20% of their patients are under the age of ten! Both of the doctors have received extensive post-graduate training in pediatrics and are more than qualified to provide premier care for your little ones.

Check out "Testimonials" for testimonials from several of the families that have gotten healthier through the extraordinary care at Falite Family Chiropractic!


Often, the first person in the family to start care isn't the one that needs it the most!  Check out these CHIRO KIDS below: