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Emotional Mastery

Posted: September 14, 2011
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite

 Emotional Mastery

The “Discoverer of Chiropractic,” D.D. Palmer, stated that there are three things that cause or exacerbate     subluxations: trauma, toxins, and thoughts.  Negative thoughts can be defined as emotional stress.  That’s right…the emotional stress of work, family, finances, etc. causes nerve interference in our bodies.  This deadly combination of emotional stress and spinal subluxations clearly sucks the life, health, and vitality from your body.  You already know that consistent adjustments ensure the body is functioning at or near its god-given health potential, but how can you further reduce the emotional stress in your life?  The following are three simple tools that can change your life.    

The first tool for handling emotional stress in your life is to become a Master of Meaning.  We can never control all the external events of life (i.e. the weather, our families, other people, or traffic), but we CAN decide how we will respond to these situations and what they will mean to us.  Consciously interpreting events in your life from a positive, powerful, and inspiring perspective allows you to greatly minimize stress.  In other words, nothing in life has any meaning except the one we give it!  **please re-read that statement*** 

Consider this:  two women experience similar upbringings, including being born to unwed teenage mothers, being sexually abused and violently mistreated, becoming sexually promiscuous and pregnant themselves as teenagers, and using drugs to escape the harshness of life.  One woman becomes a drug addict, lives on welfare, and leads a life of despair and anger.  The other woman is Oprah Winfrey.  Both believe their lives turned out the way they did because of their childhood experiences!  It’s your choice, but we urge you to choose meanings in your life that are good, clean, pure, powerful, and positive.  Nothing in life has any meaning except the one we give it!   

The second tool to minimize emotional stress is through the power of focus.  Whatever we focus on in life is sure to multiply.  By focusing on negative situations, scarcity, distrust, or sadness we cause these emotions and circumstances to increase in our lives.  For example, if a person continually indulges in the emotion of sadness, it’s because he is “focusing” on sad events and circumstances.  The most important thing to remember is that you cannot consciously focus on two things simultaneously.  Therefore, by focusing on sadness, you are automatically deleting anything positive, loving, or hopeful in your life.  Conversely, if you chooseto focus on the great and outstanding events, people, or possibilities of your life, you simultaneously diminish and delete all negative emotions.

The quickest, most effective, and powerful way to direct our focus is through the use of questions.  The questions we ask ourselves direct our focus.  For example, a person that is continually sad could ask:  “What could I be happy about if I chose to be?  What is great about my life right now?  What am I  grateful for in my life?  What have I accomplished in my life that I am really proud of?  Who could love me if I really opened up and let them?  Whom could I love?”  If someone were to ask these questions consistently and with emotion, his brain will undoubtedly provide amazingly uplifting and inspiring answers.  Figure out what questions work for you, write them down, and use them.  Proper questions will keep you focusing on your most expansive and abundant emotions, even in the most stressful situations! 

The third tool for reducing emotional stress is proper physiology.  There are specific patterns of physiology that we “do” for each emotion.  Emotions do not just magically envelope us, we physically “do” or “perform” them.  Think about it...What is your physiology when you are sad?  Head is down, shoulders are slumped, breathing is tight and shallow, hands and arms are limp, etc.  On the other hand, when you are excited your head is up, you have a big smile, your spine is elongated, and you take deep and expansive breaths.  Each emotion you “do” has a specific physiology.  Change your physiology and you instantly change your emotion.  The key is to consciously recognize your disempowering physiology and break that pattern by adopting an empowering physiology.  For example, if you are doing sad physiology (i.e. slumped over, “woe is me”) and you force yourself to adopt an excited physiology by jumping up and down, dancing, and saying what you say when you are truly excited, you will be excited!  You will feel excited!  All of us have experienced unresourceful and disempowering emotions.  After all, we are only human.  However, the key is not to indulge in these negative states.  In fact, the less you feel like changing your physiology, the more you need to change!  The key to happiness is recognizing these negative emotions and instantly changing our physiology to reflect positive, vibrant emotions.  We must learn to make it easy to feel outstanding and hard to feel bad!

Let’s review the three powerful tools that can literally change your life:

1. Become a Master of Meaning.  Condition yourself to interpret all things in your life from a powerful, positive, and uplifting perspective.  Nothing in life has any meaning except the one we give it. 

2. Master your focus by changing the questions you ask yourself.  Most self-talk is in the form of a question.  Condition yourself to ask the most empowering, loving, abundant, expansive, blissful, and joyous questions.  Your focus will spontaneously and effortlessly shift to the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive!

3. Master your physiology!  Condition yourself to adopt physiologies that are empowering and expansive.  Change your physiology (i.e. your breathing pattern, facial expressions, body movements, head position, voice tone, inflection, language) and your emotions will instantly change!

You can talk about wanting to “feel” better emotionally all day long.  You can waste money on a psychiatrist to deal with emotional “baggage.”  You can whine and complain about life.  You can turn to illegal drugs.  You can turn to socially accepted drugs (I.e. alcohol, cigarettes, Valium, Prozac, Zoloft) and excessive food to escape emotionally.  Or, you can “step-up” and realize that you consciously and unconsciously choose all the emotions you experience.  Emotions do not happen to us, we do them!  We are not victims!  We are not slaves to our emotions.  We are not helpless.  We control our emotions, our emotions do not control us.  Make a conscious choice and commit to becoming a Master of Meaning, asking empowering questions, and using proper physiology. 

Yes, emotional stress causes subluxations.  Help us help you to be healthier and happier.  Give yourself an adjustment above atlas (i.e. an attitude adjustment).  Practice these tools.  Choose to be better.  Have fun while you grow stronger emotionally.  Be patient.  Allow yourself to make mistakes and to screw up.  Laugh at yourself, and love yourself anyway!  Master your emotions!

We Love & Appreciate You!!!  

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