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How to Become Rich and Retire Comfortably

Posted: February 27, 2015
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite

How To Become Rich and Retire Comfortably

     With finances, if you invest wisely for the future and do not spend wastefully, you will accumulate wealth and have savings left to retire comfortably.  It has been proven this can be accomplished even on very modest incomes.  However, statistics show that only 2-3% of our population can live off their savings at retirement.  It is not because they did not make enough money throughout life, it is that they did not think ahead.  They got so caught up in all of the trinkets that when they look for money at the end they realized that they had smoked it.

     Any good financial consultant will tell you, “Save the first 10%!”  If you spend first and save later, you will never save.  You will end up 65 and broke.

     The same goes for your health.  You have a bank account of health that you are born with.  It has been said that we spend the first half of our lives spending all of our health to acquire wealth and the second half of our lives spending all of our wealth trying to get our health back.  CRAZY!  As with financial planning, you must dedicate the necessary amount of time and the necessary amount of money FIRST, every day, if you want to establish a wealth of health that will allow you to live comfortably for a lifetime.

     However, most people wait until they have a little left in their bank account before looking into it.  Most people end up 55-65 broke, and broken.  The field of medicine is trained to take care of you when you are broken.  Unfortunately, waiting until you are broken can make you broke!

     Chiropractic is designed to make you rich.  In Chiropractic, we teach you the deposits you should make FIRST, every day and every year, so that you retire comfortably.  Although you will always make some withdrawals, and withdrawals happen naturally due to forces of time and nature, if you make sure you are making enough deposits, you will have a positive balance in your account for a very long time.                  

Bank Account Of Health


SPINE/NERVE Health........vs........Drugs, shots, pills surgery, over the counter medications, antibiotics

Traditional, natural food........vs........Refined/processed foods, sugar, artificial ingredients & sweeteners

Vitamins/Minerals........vs........No supplementation & poor diet

Time in nature........vs........Time at a computer, at work, at a desk, in a car

Stress reduction........vs........Stress indulgence and other people determining inner peace

Sleep/rest........vs........Caffeine, never resting

Loving relationships........vs........Conflict, resentment, anger and not forgiving others or yourself

Oxygen (aerobic exercise)........vs........Inactivity

Pure water........vs........Coffee, soda, diet soda, excess alcohol

Prayer and meditation........vs........Never getting any quiet time, being TOO busy




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Beyond Need

Posted: February 6, 2015
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite

Beyond Need

     When you constantly think in terms of needs, it focuses your thoughts on what you don't have, on lack and limitation.  That kind of thinking will hold you back.

     Instead, set your thoughts free to soar, away from the needs, away from the limitations.  For every perceived need, there is an opportunity.

     Direct your thoughts toward those opportunities.  Instead of living in bondage to your needs, live each moment in expression of your highest and best possibilities.

     That doesn't mean that you abandon your responsibilities, or live in a fantasy world where there are no problems.  It means that your best response, to whatever life may hold, is to connect with the positive possibilities.

     Yes, there are very real factors that impede your progress, very real challenges to be overcome...and there is absolutely no sense in adding to those obstacles with your own limiting thoughts.

     Your thoughts are yours to create, so choose the ones that generate positive, productive energy in your life.  When you stop needing so much, you can start doing so much more.

                    -- Ralph Marston


     We all know that our thoughts have a huge impact on how we feel.  It is implementing our thoughts that is the hard part.  Dr. D.D. Palmer, the discoverer of chiropractic said in 1895 that there are three main causes of subluxation (remember: subluxation is nervous system interference.  That interference hinders the POWER that made your body...affecting its ability to heal):

                    ~thots (thoughts)



     It’s interesting that he put "thots" as the number one cause of subluxations. . . and we know this to be true today.

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