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Keep Swinging!

Posted: December 29, 2014
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite













Keep Swinging!

     A little boy was overheard talking to himself as he strode through his backyard, baseball cap in place and toting a bat and ball.  “I’m the greatest baseball player in the world,” he said proudly.  Then he tossed the ball in the air, swung, and missed.  Undaunted, he picked up the ball, threw it into the air, and said to himself, “I’m the greatest baseball player ever!”   He swung at the ball again, and again he missed.  He paused a moment to examine bat and ball carefully.  Then once again he threw the ball into the air and said, “I’m the greatest baseball player who ever lived.”  He swung the bat hard and again missed the ball.  “Wow!” he exclaimed.  “What a pitcher!”

     This little boy understands one of the major keys to a happy, successful, abundant life!  Sure he could have thrown a tantrum because he kept missing the ball but he chose to respond positively; to adopt a more empowering meaning.  How do you respond when you feel you are “striking out?”

     One of our greatest life lessons to learn is the challenges we all face - health, finances, family, relationships, professional, etc. - present themselves so we may evolve and grow.  In fact, the exact challenges we have are the exact lessons we need to learn.

     Ultimately, we have two choices: complain about the challenges/lessons in our life and have those same challenges and lessons repeatedly show up so we spend a whole lifetime on the same lesson...or we can be grateful for our lessons, learn from them quickly and move on.

     When you feel like you’re swinging too hard and just can’t hit the ball remember: NOTHING has any meaning in your life except the meaning you give it.  So, step back, adopt an empowering meaning, learn your lesson, and swing at the next pitch!

“I prayed for strength, and God gave me challenges to strengthen me.”  Old Proverb


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