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Is Stress REALLY Deadly?

Posted: November 7, 2014
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite

How exactly does modern STRESS kill people? 

STRESS causes:

1. The brain to short-circuit.  The brain hemispheres become imbalanced or what is know neurologically as Lateralized.  This  means instead of both hemispheres being synchronized, or communicating equally, one hemisphere becomes overly dominant and one becomes sub-dominate, or passive.

2. Due to this brain imbalance, one side of the body becomes overly tense.

3. The opposite side of the body becomes excessively weak.

4. The hip/pelvis on the overly tense/tight side will be pulled up or elevated one quarter to one inch.

5. The elevated hip/pelvis will cause the spine to misalign/distort/subluxate in 3 to 9 areas.

6. The overly tight/tense side will cause the foot on that side to be up to one inch shorter than the opposite foot.

7. Tension and tightness will be felt in the neck and low back on the overly tight side.

8. Weak arm and leg muscles will be demonstrated on the excessively weak side.

9. The brain stays in an outer-reactive, locked-down, intense mode where it slips into a mid-level brain functioning and prioritizes survival.  In this state, the brain pays less attention to maintaining healthy functioning.

10. Stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol get produced in excessive amounts and stay constantly elevated.

11. Cells, tissues, and organs become weakened, decayed, degenerated, and may die prematurely.

12. The immune system is weakened and depressed leaving one vulnerable to colds, viruses, opportunistic bacteria, and numerous other pathogens.

This flow chart shows exactly how STRESS weakens a person and causes 80%-90% of all illness and disease to manifest.

The STRESS of modern life isn’t going anywhere.  The key to health and longevity is being able to consistently process the STRESS to prevent and/or minimize this whole destructive process.

And what is one of the best ways to process your STRESS and remain healthy...OUR UNIQUE AND POWERFUL ADJUSTMENTS!!  That’s right...when you come in and get re-booted and re-energized, not only do you feel better but you are stronger, healthier, happier, more alive, and DE-STRESSED!!


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