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Your Brain...it is a Beauty and a Beast!

Posted: June 20, 2014
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite

     My daughter, Ava, and I are performing this summer with our community theater group in Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  There is so much that goes into this type of production...building and painting the set, learning blocking for scenes, memorizing music and lyrics, finding and making costumes, selling tickets, advertising...not to mention lighting, sound, concessions for the show...there is just a lot to organize!  Throughout the course of 7 weeks during the summer, our group (Johns Creek Players) works incredibly hard as a team to produce the top-notch shows that this community has come to expect.  Sometimes, things get challenging, but we always find a way to make it come together at the end.  I love every minute of it!!!

     The ebb and flow of putting together such a massive production is similar to the way our brains function.  The brain is constantly receiving input...it needs to be able to organize thousands of things at any given time, decide what is of primary importance, and act accordingly.  Just think about your day so far: you woke up, sat up in bed, probably went to the bathroom, grabbed a bite to eat, etc.  Now think about the things your brain handled for you without you consciously telling it to do so: breathing, eyes open and registering what is in front of you, muscles contracting so you can walk to the bathroom, your bladder and kidneys processing waste, digesting food to make energy to fuel your body, etc.  These are just the obvious ones.  Your brain and nervous system do thousands of things every minute to keep your body functioning.

     Occasionally, something "beastly" may flare up...you have a pain somewhere, an organ doesn't work 100% correctly, stress inundates your life, dis-ease sets in, etc.  These are circumstances that may force your brain to look for a different solution...a different pathway.  When our brains are able to make those new pathways, your body functions better and is healthier all around.  It's BEAUTIFUL!

    So today, take a moment to marvel at the beauty that is your nervous system and body.  And...come see our show! :-)


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