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Mary\'s Story Healthcare vs. Crisis Care

Posted: April 28, 2014
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite

Mary's Story:  Healthcare vs. Crisis Care

        Mary started in our office, as most patients do, with a long list of illnesses and complaints.  After examining Mary, I explained to her that her problems stemmed from a major imbalance in her brain and nervous system.  I further explained that I would not be treating her aches and pains but instead, would focus on balancing her brain and body.  If she allowed her body enough time to heal, the adjustments would allow her to feel better and function better than ever before.  Well, Mary did not understand me.  Every time she would come in for an adjustment, she would complain, “It’s my headaches, my neck pain, my low back pain.”  I would respond, “No Mary.  It’s the imbalance in your brain and nerous system.  That’s what is causing your problems.”  Visit after visit, time after time, she would complain, “my neck, my tooth, my finger” and I would say, “It’s the imbalance in your brain and nerous system, Mary.” 

        This continued non-stop until one day we heard a loud screech in the parking lot.  After a while we started to hear some faint scratching noises.  We didn’t think anything of the noises until they got louder and louder.  I headed to the front door of the office, where the noises were coming from, and saw something lying on the ground right outside the door!  It was Mary!  She had tire tracks all over her body, her dress was ripped to shreds, one eye was hanging out of its socket, blood was spewing from every orifice of her body, and her scalp was partially ripped from her head. 

        “Oh my gosh!  Mary you’ve been run over by a car!  Your arms are broken!  You’re bleeding internally!  You’re losing a huge amount of blood!  And your face is disfigured...we need to call 911!”  And Mary, almost too weak to speak, muttered, “No, Dr. Michael.  It’s the imbalance in my brain!  I need an adjustment!!”

* * * * * * * *

        Obviously, Mary was confused about the difference between healthcare and crisis care, and when to use the services of each.  Unfortunately, much of our society seems to be as confused as Mary.   

        Despite what you may think, the medical system with medical doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs is NOT healthcare...it is crisis care, or emergency care.  Make no mistake about it.  The medical system in this country is the absolute best at what they do: saving lives in true emergency situations (heart attacks, car accidents, burn victims, or like in Mary’s case,  getting hit by large moving metal objects).

        While the medical community is great at crisis situations, they are clueless when it comes to health related matters.  Medical doctors deal with sickness and disease, not health and vitality.  They treat the condition and not the person.  Case in point: go to your M.D. or local hospital and tell them you have no major complaints...you feel great...but you came to get even healthier.  What will they do?  Absolutely nothing: there are no drugs to give or surgeries to perform!

        Conversely, as chiropractors our specialty is natural, holistic healthcare.  Our expertise is keeping your body tuned-up to its God-given potential, allowing optimum health and function.  We do not treat specific diseases or conditions (Mary had a tough time understanding this) but rather, treat the person first, and allow the body to heal itself.  Therefore, I do not deal with emergency situations.  It’s really pretty simple.  If you, God forbid, have blood splurting out of your femoral artery, feel like you’re having a heart attack, or get your body mangled in some type of catastrophe (as Mary did), do not come in for your adjustment that day (as Mary did) - but go straight to the hospital!  Once you are sutured up, resuscitated, or revived I will come to the ER to adjust you!

        A serious problem today is that people do not know the difference between healthcare and crisis care and thus, do not know how to use doctors.  People are visiting medical doctors for things M.D.’s have no viable answers for: low back pain, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons, chronic fatigue, etc.  The results have been disastrous.  We have more pain, more sickness, more dysfunction, more disease, more obseity, more unhappiness, and more people taking drugs for unhappiness than ever before.  In other words, someone should only go to the hospital or medical doctor if they have a true crisis or true emergency.  If you get confused and go to your medical doctor (crisis care doctor) for healthcare there is a good chance their treatment (drugs, surgery) will severely harm you or kill you.  This is what happens when people misuse their doctors. 

        So remember, there are two types of care:

1.  healthcare: chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, massage, vitamins, natural remedies, acupuncture, emotional balance, etc.

2. emergency care/crisis care: medical doctors, drugs, surgery. 

        There is a time and a need for both.  However, we challenge you to have more faith in the power that made your body and only use crisis care when it truly is a crisis...just ask Mary!

We love & appreciate you!!!




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