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Happy Birthday Papa!

Posted: February 29, 2012
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite

Happy Birthday,



     Dr. Michael's father, Tony, is turning 90 on Monday...90 years old!!!    As new immigrants, the Falite family settled in Everett, Massachusetts after being separated for several years.  Tony's father originally came to America from Sicily while his wife and first child stayed behind.  Once he could afford to bring them over, he did just that.  The third of seven children, Tony was a hard worker.  As a youth, he delivered ice and eventually learned the trade of plumbing.  While home on leave from the Army, he met his future bride, Gloria.  They were married in 1947 and went on to have 5 children (the youngest of which is Dr. Michael).

      I like to think about all the changes that have occurred during his lifetime...the advances in technology, the changes in society, the wars, the “times” in general.  When Papa was born in 1922, the President was Warren G. Harding.  Here are some other interesting facts from that year:

- Geological survey says U.S. oil supply would be depleted in 20 years.  I guess they were wrong about that one...

- Babe Ruth signs 3 years at $52,000 a year New York Yankee contract.  Cheap compared to today's contracts!- Supreme Court unanimously upheld 19th amend woman's right to vote

- 1st southern radio station begins (WSB, Atlanta Georgia).  It is still on the air today.

- British court sentences Mahatma Gandhi to 6 years in prison

- 1st airplane lands at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

- 1st microfilm device introduced

- Ralph Samuelson is the first person to Ski on Water and the sport of Waterskiing is born

- China, hit by a typhoon; about 60,000 die

- 1st facsimile photo send over city telephone lines, Washington, D.C.

- Rebecca Felton of Georgia becomes 1st woman in Senate

- 1st coast-to-coast radio broadcast of a football game

- Benito Mussolini takes control of Italy's government

- 1st successful technicolor movie (Tall of the Sea), shown in New York City

- American Pro Football Association renamed "National Football League"

- WOC-AM in Davenport, Iowa begins radio transmissions.  Ronald Regan was on the air a decade later.

- Film director Hal Roach released the first of many 'short' features called 'Our Gang.' Considered racist by many today, it was actually groundbreaking to include black and white children playing together in 1922. In 1955, the series of shorts was renamed 'Little Rascals' for television.

 - 1922's Most Popular Christmas gift: "Playing Doctor" kits

- Lincoln Memorial is dedicated by Former US President William Howard Taft

- The Tomb of Tutankhamen is discovered on November 4th in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

- Under new additional Prohibition Laws home brewing is illegal

- Fifty thousand people affected during Lower Louisiana Floods causing concerns over starvation

- The Reader’s Digest Magazine is launched

- First successful insulin treatment of diabetes in Canada

     Above all else, Papa is a loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.  We are very happy to be able to celebrate with him.  Is there someone in your life that you respect, admire and love?  Tell them! 


We love & appreciate you!!!


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