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The Power is in the Panel

Posted: February 17, 2012
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite

The Power Is In The Panel

     Imagine you come home late one night and notice from your driveway that some of the lights in your house are not working.  You step inside and flip on the kitchen switch….no light.  Same thing happens in the living room and dining room….no lights whatsoever.  What do you do?  Would you get “temporary relief” by using a flashlight or candle in these rooms for the next twenty years?  Would you immediately change all the light bulbs in every room?  Of course not.

     The quickest, wisest and easiest solution is to go to your breaker panel!  Then, you simply scan down the breakers and look for any that are “flipped” out of place.  Next, you simply switch those breakers back into the “on” position and whalla….lights are on.  Now, the interesting part is the light comes on far from the breaker panel itself.  In other words, when you flip the kitchen switch, the effect or the actual light may come on 30, 40 or 50 feet from the fuse box itself.  POWER IS ON!

     This is a great analogy for what we do in this office.  Where is the breaker box for your body?  Your spine of course.  Each individual spinal bone is like the breakers in your house.  When the breaker in your house flips it shuts down the electricity or power to wherever those electrical wires go.  The same thing is true with your spine.  Your spine flips (misaligns or subluxates) and it shuts down, slows down, interferes with or irritates the nerve flow throughout your body.

     What causes our spine to flip out of alignment in the first place?  The answer is stress or anything that overwhelms our system.  Think back to the breaker panel in your house...it flips when there is too much stress on a particular current; too much juice or energy is being drawn and the individual breakers will flip out of place to shut itself down and protect the overall system from short circuiting.  Your spine does the same thing!  Isn’t that amazing?  Chronic physical, mental or chemical stress overwhelms your system and the spine will shift to preserve and protect you.

     How do we fix that?  We feel down your spine and find the ones that are flipped and adjust them back (just like you do with your  breaker box at home).  Then, most importantly, we get out of the way and let your POWER FLOW!

     So, from now on, think of us as YOUR natural electric company...keeping the juice flowing and the POWER ON!

We Love & Appreciate You!!!


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