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Normal vs. Common

Posted: October 28, 2011
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite

 Normal vs. Common

Do you know the difference?

     As you may know, we are actively involved in our community.  We participate in all types of community functions such as fairs, church events, women expos, kid expos, etc.  These events give us the opportunity to teach people about the amazing benefits of chiropractic and answer questions about their health.

     One thing that has become painfully obvious to me is most peoples complete misunderstanding of “what is common” and “what is normal.”  For example, at these events someone will invariably ask, “yes, but doesn’t everyone have subluxations?”  I then have to patiently explain that subluxations are common and most people are subluxated but it is notnormal!!  That is a huge difference!!

Please review the following examples to help further clarify things that are common but not normal:

 1. One out of 2 people die of heart disease in this country.  This is COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL.  In the early 1900’s, heart disease was almost non-existent!

2.One out of 3 people die of cancer.  This is COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL.  In 1930, 1 in 6000 people got cancer!  65% - 80% of all cancer is preventable through improved lifestyle—Dr. Barry Levin.

3. 60% of all drugs are prescribed off-label—American Health Congress Report.  Off-label means a drug was invented and FDA approved for a particular disease but the drug actually gets prescribed and pushed for entirely different reasons.  For example, after a few years on the market, a new arthritis drug is shown to clear up acne.  Now MD’s prescribe the drug to teenagers with acne.  No further testing, no research, unknown side effects...on teenagers!  Remember, the drug saswas only FDA approved for arthritis.

4. Medical malpractice kills 180,000 people per year.  This is COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL.  Dr. Leopold Leap, Harvard Medical School.

5. Medical right-practice kills 120,000 people per year.  This is COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL.  Through properlyprescribed and administered prescription medicine—Journal of American Medical Association.

6. In the U.S., 15% of all kids are overweight and/or obese.  This is COMMON BUT NOT NORMAL.

7. Childhood diabetes has been estimated to have increased ten-fold in the last decade.  HOW COULD THIS BE NORMAL?

8. A John Hopkins study labeled T.V. viewing as the number one leisure-time activity of most school-age children.  DEFINITELY COMMON BUT DEFINITELY NOT NORMAL!

     Hopefully, the distinction between normal and common is now obvious.  Never settle for anything that is common—odds are if it’s common it’s unhealthy, un-wealthy, and unwise!

We love and appreciate you!!!

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