100 Fascinating Brain Facts


Posted: October 12, 2011
By: Drs. Dawn & Michael Falite



The procedure we use to help you LIVE LONGER, HEALTHIER, and HAPPIER lives is obviously called an adjustment.  However, we have found there are more descriptive, exciting, and “juicy” words and phrases that accurately convey this dynamic and powerful hands-on process.  Unfortunately, there are also words and phrases that are inaccurate and misleading.  These words and/or phrases often misrepresent, distort, and convolute the true nature and intention of the adjustment.


The following is a list of words and phrases that we “encourage” you to use.  We tend to give better adjustments when these words and phrases are used!  (HA! HA! HA!)


Turn on the Power Re-Booted De-stressed

Turned On Balanced Tapped In

Tuned Up Energized Powered

Optimized Re-connected Electrified

Re-Charged Turn the Lights On Harmonized

Charged Up Integrated Get your lifeline in line


The following is a list that we strongly discourage (i.e. don’t use these if you know what’s good for ya). 


Manipulate = we are not politicians, nor do we work for the government!

Crack = we don’t sell crack, heroin, or marijuana!

Fix = you are not a dog, and we are not veterinarians!

Cure = we can’t even cure a ham! 

Straighten = you are not a parabola!

Twist my head = this is not “The Exorcist!”

Break my neck=we don’t know any karate!

Crunched = we are not “Cap’ns,” and you are not a breakfast cereal!

Snap = snap your fingers, not your spine!

Pop = this is what northerners call “soda”...or a term used for your dad!

Treatment = you treat your lawn not your nervous system!


You probably get the idea.  Feel free to come up with your own favorite expressions (we’ll have to O.K. them, of course ~ HA, HA, HA)!


We Love & Appreciate You!!!   

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